july 13,14 ,15…combo….hindu news crunch

July 13

1)Bitcoin may come under SEBI.The idea is to treat is as (more…)

july 10,11,12…combo….hindu news crunch

July 9

1)Kerala has announced reduction (more…)


july 9..hindu news crunch


1)Kerala has announced reduction

of Value Added Tax (more…)

july 8….hindu news crunch

JULY 7…Hindu news crunch

1)“The jungle

crow, for instance, is (more…)


Rain on me

Lash me
Lacerate me
Make me into smithereens
I want to feel your blues
I want to feel your chasms
In this primordial haze
I want to feel your gaze
I want to languish
In your maze
Don’t hide your pain
Bring it out
Keep it on the earth
Let it get wet
Let the  moss kiss it
Let the lichen lick it
Let the rain savour it
It will save you
It will save me
It will make the journey a bit more full
A bit more meaning full…..












Love is like this parable that we would want to hear. (more…)