Author: Arjun


earth song….2

reflections of perceptions 2


She was like my past 
Nude and rude 
Her nipples were pitch black 
Like my mood (more…)

reflections of perceptions…1

Her breath was a cyclone 
There was this heat in it 
The heat that the earth eliminates before the first kiss of rain (more…)



earth song

She lay there naked 
Her blood pooled near her petals 
Her resolve cooled and became frosty 
Anger rose in her 
Pain became her totem 
I could do nothing 
I tried to kiss her 
But I was soiled 
The mulch of a century of hate 
What  will be our penury 
What will be our end? 
Where are our roots 
I could see her smile incarcerated in one of our cities 
We made citadels 
And we have won 
A resounding victory 
And astounding pain. 
Her eyes had this sheen 
This magnetic blue that was lot like love 
Now it has become grey. 
What have we done? (more…)



I could hear the whisper of the dewdrops. (more…)