Another YA


Author-K J .MCPike

Genre-YA , Fantasy



Was Xodus an intensely personal read with images to cherish? NO.
Was it interesting? Yes.
It is YA and I am completely OK with the genre.The intrigue is there, the twists are there, the ‘family thing’ is there but what lacking is that intense energy that should be produced by the words. The author has done her max to make a ‘world’ that is different from what we have seen before and she has almost done it effectively.

She is inclined more for a movie adaptation of the book I think.

The book seemed to limit itself to scenes that can be depicted on screen.I think more self-indulgence is needed on the language, it seemed a bit bland.
All in all “Xodus” is a breezy read that can get you through a journey without boredom but it limits itself to that.
(the 2nd part is more than welcome, though!)


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