Lisbeth is back!


“She saw more melody in a differential equation than in a piece by Beethoven.”

Well trying to continue a legacy can be good or extremely bad for the new author but this time, it happens to be the former.
Lisbeth is back in her blood-curdling glory and boy isn’t she good! The text is very polished and the tautness that Larsson could infuse in his prose is still there.The characters are very humane and very alive.
The darkness that used to pervade throughout the work is still there and it makes it one hell of a thriller.
All the Lisbeth fans out there, clap your hands and rejoice! Our superhero is back with a bang.

“They locked her up and kept trying to break her. But she kept coming back, and do you know what I think?” “No.” “She got stronger each time.”


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2 thoughts on “Lisbeth is back!
  1. jayan

    The Girl in the spiders web showcases the world that women may be physically weak but they are mentally strong.



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