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February 6,Hindu news crunch

In ISRO’s launch of 104 satellites next week, 88 will be from U.S. (more…)

February 5,HIndu news crunch

Homeopathy and AIDS

In what they term as a ‘clinical trial (more…)

February 4,2017(Hindu news crunch)

A 21st century find spotlights prehistoric rock art

Author: K.A. Shaji (more…)

February 3(Hindu news crunch)

On electoral  donations

If Mr. Jaitley was indeed intent on getting the political class to truly account for their donations, he should have placed a cap on the amount a party may receive in cash as a donation. (more…)

February 2,2017(news crunch from The Hindu)

Budget crunch

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday used the occasion of his fourth Budget to provide relief to the majority of taxpayers by halving the rate of personal income tax for those with annual income of as much as ₹5 lakh and cutting the coporate tax rate for medium and small enterprises with a turnover of up to ₹50 crore. (more…)