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Dulquer Salman Kammatti Paadam Movie First Look

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തകർത്തു !


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An average ‘Fan’ of a great actor.


Jungle yourself.


Nature is a broad word.It can mean nature,a man’s nature,a thought’s (more…)

‘Po’ for Panda!


The first time I saw Toy story I ended up in tears and  was  hungover for 2 days.I understood something beautiful then,animated movies could be more lively than real life,that’s why they are called ‘animated’.Everything is more colorful there and a bit more childish and that’s good.The most important things are always the small things,like getting up with  a smile or going to work with the right mindset .

The kung fu panda has been one of my all-time favorites and the 3rd part of the saga is also exquisite.It talks about inner peace again and that’s fine by me,that subject is something that has been explored from ages past and it will be explored again to come.I ended up in happy tears  during the movie numerous times.Beautiful philosophy and such a beautifully crafted movie.The most serious thing in life is to smile and that is what it is all about.Rush to the movies folks,this is not something that you want to miss.Love you, Po,you are my hero.

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A triumph of Art!