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The Lament-Chapter 2


There are things we call science and there are things we call superstition. Where the scission occurs is sometimes unclear.

This day started like any other day until the storm hit. The unprecedented storm and the unprecedented woman were too much for the day or any other day. (more…)

The Lament-Chapter 1


“Sense eludes us sometime, we think that we are here in this rotating sphere, rotating around sun, rotating on its own axis, rotating, rotating and rotating, an endless cycle of death, birth, pain, pleasure, loneliness, lust. (more…)

The lament


“Freedom is never to be reached by the weak.Throw away all the weakness.Tell your body that it is strong,tell your mind that it is strong,and have unbounded faith in yourself.”

Swami Vivekananda (more…)

The Elements Trilogy

A dying kingdom.
A simmering war.
A mortal man.
An immortal struggle.

Welcome to a world full of magic .If you like high fantasy, you would love this one!

“Prathyksham hi alpam

analpam aprathyaksham”

What we know is finite but what we don’t know is infinite. (more…)