july 13,14 ,15…combo….hindu news crunch

July 13

1)Bitcoin may come under SEBI.The idea is to treat is as

gold sold digitally.

2) a state of the art indigenous Doppler weather radar was installed in palluruthy,west kochi.

3)Brahmaputra has been bringing lot of sediment from the Himalayas.,raising its bed above the level of plains.It has the  second highest sediment transport per unit of drainage area in the world.

4)the present india china stand off came in a tri junction between India,Bhutan and china.India reacted when china tried to make a road that goes through the Bhutan territory.

5)Complete privatisation will only help air India.It was owned by the Tata group till 1953

6)through research it is still not clear whether there was an Aryan Migration to India during the

Bronze age.What we can be really sure is that there was migration, in and out at of India at different points of time.

7)Veblen good…..a thing which become more sought after when its prise increases. for eg..diamonds,watches etc.

8)Malabar games began between India and US in 1992.Japan was added in 2015.this year its in bay of Bengal.

9)one bitcoin is as valuable as 60 grams of gold as of now.

10)UDAN unites Air Odisha and Air Deccan

11)Juno has started to transmit data on the Great red spot(a giant cyclone) of the Jupiter.

12)the smallest starin the observable universe(which has a size just more than Saturn)   has been found. It has been named as EBLMJ0555-57Ab (nice name though, very catchy)

13)one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded has broken away from the Larsen C ice shelf,Antarctica. (thanks to us and our friend global warming..Rejoice sisters and brothers.Call a party and raise hell.Well,I forgot, its hell already!)

July 14

1)An area of 100 metres from the edge of the Ganga between Haridwar and Unnao has been declared a ‘No Development Zone,’ with the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Thursday prohibiting dumping of waste within 500 metres of the river. An environment compensation of ₹50,000 will be imposed on anyone dumping waste in the river.

2) PEG ratio


A metric used to evaluate

the attractiveness of a

stock by comparing its

price-to-earnings ratio

with its earnings growth. It

is calculated by dividing

the price-to-earnings ratio

by the annual earnings

growth rate.

July 15

1)HC bans kerala nurse’ strike by bringing it under ESMA(essential services maintenance act)

2)Saraswati…a supercluster of galaxies found by Indian scientists…by far the farthest(4 billion light years away ) and one of the biggest.

The first supercluster found….Shapley Super cluster(1989)

The 2nd…..Sloan great wall…2003

The 3rd….Laniakea supercluster(milky way is part of it).

The structure of the universe is not homogenous.There are clumps of galaxies forming clusters and superclusters and there are filaments connecting them.

3)brexit supporters actually don’t want to quit from Euratom(EU’s atomic consortium).

EU has demanded a payment from the British for the exit and the Brits are not ready to pay.

  • Tamil nadu’s move to reserve 85 percent of their medical and dental seats for regional students was cut down by HC.
  • India and EU is going to make an Investment facilitation mechanism (IFM).This builds on the 13th EU-India summit done in March 2016 in Brussels .Invest India ,the Indian government’s official Investment promotion and facilitation agency will also be a part of this.
  • GST may hit liquidity in exports.
  • If Armageddon happens Tardigrades will survive.



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