july 2 ,2017…Hindu news crunch

1)Sunderbans is losing mangrove cover

2)The fourth test of Nirbhay,

the long-range sub-sonic

cruise missile designed and

developed by the Defence

Research and Development

Organisation (DRDO), failed

on December 21 last year

due to use of faulty material,

3)kaleshwaram lift irrigation project…by telangana..biggest ever done by a state.

4)Suction fails in outer space,

so making vacuum-based

wall clips will not work in

space. A complementary

approach is to follow

lizards. Lizards have

numerous tiny hairs on the

underside of their feet.

When placed against the

wall these hairs become flat

and the surface area in

contact with the wall is

hugely increased. The

molecular force of

attraction between the

hairs and the wall is now

multiplied because of the

large area in contact with

the wall. It is further

enhanced because the hairs

number in millions. This

force becomes sufficient to

hold the lizard’s weight

against gravity. Researchers

have mimicked the gecko’s

hair with silicon wedge-like

structures, which they have

used to make their own

saurian grippers. It is

believed that this invention

can help in future plans to

clear up space debris.

5)In a study conducted in Mumbai,

researchers found that

DNA and associated proteins

from dying cancer cells could

enter healthy cells and induce

DNA damage and inflammation.

Tumour cells die after

treatment and their chromatin

(DNA + proteins) are released

and circulated in blood. This

cell-free chromatin enters

nearby and even distant

healthy cells and triggers DNA

damage. This study was carried

out by scientists from ACTREC,

Tata Memorial Centre

and Homi Bhabha National Institute

at Mumbai and the results

were recently published in

Cell Death Discovery.

Current cancer treatments

like radiotherapy and chemotherapy

could all mobilise

chromatin into the circulation

thereby possibly promoting

spread of cancer. This study

suggests possibilities of using

chromatin degrading/neutralizing

agents in preventing local

and systemic spread of cancer.

6)The greatest change in climate is

projected for the Antarctic Peninsula

by the end of the century, and more

than 85% of the new ice-free area is

believed to occur in the north Antarctic


7)More than 90% of the earth’s energy

imbalance in the climate system is

sequestered in the ocean and

consequently the ocean heat content

(OHC) is increasing.

8)A new study by LA BioMed

researchers in the U.S. found that the proper use of

acupuncture (with the reinforcement method or coupled with

heat, which is often used in acupuncture treatments) can lead

to elevated levels of nitric oxide in the skin at the “acupoints”

where the needles were inserted and manipulated. They noted

that nitric oxide increases blood low and encourages the

release of analgesic or sensitising substances, which causes the

skin to feel warmer and contributes to the beneicial efects of

the therapy.

9)Agnotology is the study of culturally induced ignorance or

doubt, particularly the publication of inaccurate or misleading

scientiic data. Robert N. Proctor, a Stanford University

professor specialising in the history of science and technology,

coined the term.

10)iBobbly, the world’s first suicide

prevention app,

11)ITR 1 – Sahaj

_ Income from


_ Income from not

more than one


_ Income from other

sources excluding



_ Total income up to

₹50 lakh


_ Income from


_ Income from house


_ Income from

capital gains

_ Income from other

sources including



_ Foreign assets/


_ Interest/Salary/


Remuneration from

partnership irm

_ Agriculture income

in excess of ₹5,000


_ Those carrying out


business or


ITR 4 – Sugam

_ Presumptive

income from

business or


12)Co-operative banks are registered

under the Co-operative

Societies Act. Thankfully, banking

laws were made applicable

to cooperative societies in

1966.Since then, banking-related

functions are regulated by

the RBI and management-related

functions by the respective

State Governments/Central


13)E way bill make transport of goods across state borders far easier as check posts will disappear.

14)Mexico announced plans on

Friday to use trained dolphins

to corral the last remaining

vaquita marina porpoises

into a protected

breeding ground, a last-ditch

bid to save the critically endangered


Scientists estimate there

are just 30 remaining vaquitas,

the world’s smallest

porpoise, a species found

only in the waters of the Gulf

of California.



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