july 9..hindu news crunch


1)Kerala has announced reduction

of Value Added Tax

(VAT) on Aviation Turbine

Fuel (ATF) from the existing

4% to 1% for airlines ready to

operate in the State under

the Union government’s

UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam

Naagrik) scheme, an endeavour

to make r

2) The Advanced Centre for Atmospheric

Radar Research

at the Cochin University of

Science and Technology

(Cusat), which operates the

estimated ₹25-crore Advanced

Centre for Atmospheric

Radar Research

(ACARR), is going global.

In a major scientific collaboration,

ACARR will join

hands with the Swedish Institute

of Physics, which operates

the Moveable Atmospheric

Radar for Antarctica

(MARA ), a 54 MHz wind-profiler

radar. The facility is

used during summer expeditions

in Antarctica.


3) ‘Selfie account,’ one of the

latest trends in digital

banking that offers the

comfort of opening fresh

bank accounts using one’s

mobile phone to furnish the

basic KYC (Know Your

Customer) norms with a

selfie shot, is slowly catching

up among the State’s rural



4) In a major relief to airlines, the import

of aircraft on lease will be exempted

from the Goods and Services

Tax (GST), the Finance

Ministry said in a notification on



5) Besides deciphering the mechanism

by which TB bactria can

develop resistance against Augmentin,

the researchers have

found ways of overcoming this potential

resistance mechanism,

thereby making Augmentin a potentially

powerful drug to treat

both multidrug-resistant TB (MDRTB)

and extensively drug-resistant


The beta-lactam class of antibiotics

such as penicillin, ampicillin

and amoxicillin is one of the most

widely used class of antibacterial

drugs. Despite its ability to kill

several types of bacteria, the betalactam

antibiotics have never

been used against TB bacteria.

This is because TB bacteria are

naturally resistant to this class. TB

bacteria inherently produce an

enzyme called beta-lactamase

which breaks down beta-lactam

class of antibiotics (through hydrolysis)

and makes the drug ineffective

against TB disease.

One of the strategies of getting

around using the beta-lactam

class of antibiotics is developing

an inhibitor against betalactamase

enzyme. Clavulanic

acid is one such inhibitor, which

blocks the beta-lactamase enzyme.

Augmentin, which is a combination

of a beta-lactam antibiotic

(amoxicillin) and

beta-lactamase inhibitor (clavulanic

acid), can thus be an effective

drug against TB bacteria.

6) A team of six scientists has discovered

the presence of a large

number of what are known as giant

radio galaxies (GRGs) across

the universe. Such galaxies are, as

the name suggests, huge, and the

smallest one in this batch that has

been discovered could big enough

to hold 33 copies of the Milky Way

placed next to each other. The

galaxies have a supermassive

black hole, which could be even

billions of times as massive as the

Sun, at their centre. Jets of

charged particles are ejected from

this black hole at very high

speeds, close to that of light. In

fact, the jets reach out to a distance

even larger than the giant

galaxies which host them, making

the galaxy prominent when imaged

with a radio telescope.

7) It was thought cancer spreads

from the tumour to the lymph

nodes supplying that area and

thereby to distant organs. This

sequential progression model

is now found to hold true for

only one-third of people. In

the rest, spreading to distant

organs and lymph nodes rose

from independent sub clones

in the tumour.

8) A recent study shows that tea plantations

in the Western Ghats harbour

less-diverse bat communities

— that perform fewer ecological

functions — than those found in coffee

estates and forests. Protecting

existing forest fragments and river

stretches in such intensively-cultivated

landscapes could be crucial for

bats, which are important insect

controllers, pollinators and


9) An editorial in the American Journal of

Clinical Nutrition in 2015 agrees with much

of the conclusions drawn on the positive

effects of cocoa on memory retention and

gain, and points out that unsweetened and

unprocessed dark cocoa powder would be

the best, while that processed with alkali

(which is paler, and more common in

candy-bars) is less effective.

10) Researchers have adapted an existing

diagnostic test for malaria to predict

the dangerous complications that

sometimes arise after the parasite is

eradicated from patients’ blood. An

estimated 3.2 billion people in 95

countries are at risk of malaria infection, and even though

treatment with a class of drugs called artemisinin is associated

with fatality rates lower than 5%, some patients receiving

these agents develop severe anaemia weeks after clearance of

the parasite

11) In a pilot

study, researchers found that participants who took high doses

of vitamin D within an hour of sunburn experienced a reduction

in swelling and inlammation.

12) What is Xicc

++ ?

It’s a new kind of quark, or a subatomic particle, that is a basic

building block of matter. Something like the Xicc++ was known to

exist in theory since decades but was inally ‘observed’ by

physicists working at the Large Hadron Collider facility in

Geneva and made public last week. Nearly all the matter that

we see around us is made of baryons, which are common

particles composed of three quarks, the best-known being

protons and neutrons. But there are six types of quarks — top,

bottom, up, down, charm and strange. Theoretically many

diferent potential combinations could form other kinds of

baryons. Unlike a proton, which is made up of only up and down

quarks, the new entity has two charm quarks.

This is the irst time that researchers have seen two charm

quarks in a baryon and therefore, throws new light on the

relationship between the most fundamental forces of nature.

The mass of the newly identiied particle is about 3621 MeV,

which is almost four times heavier than the proton.

13) Correct and timely diagnosis of TB

is the first step in treating the disease

and preventing its spread. Unfortunately,

both the private and

public sector in India heavily rely

on smear microscopy as the initial

diagnostic test. This is despite

smear microscopy’s ability to diagnose

only about 50% of the positive

cases. The over-reliance on the

century-old method becomes particularly

worrying as the private

sector caters to 70% of TB patients.

The problem becomes exacerbated

with only about 735 Xpert

MTB/RIF molecular diagnostic machines

— a better TB diagnostic tool

— available at reference or tertiary

hospitals across the country.

Except for one

province of China, India is the only

country that continues using intermittent

dosing (thrice weekly) during

the intensive phase of treatment,

says the report. Unlike the

daily regimen, the thrice-weekly

approach more than triples drug

resistance risk.

Though India’s TB control policy

follows WHO’s guidance for bedaquiline

drug for adults with MDRTB,

the drug is currently available

only in five cities — Ahmedabad,

Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and


“Delamanid, which is another

drug to treat MDR-TB, has been approved

for use in India by the Drug

Controller General of India.

14) Taking ibuprofen and related


painkillers could have unintended

and worrisome consequences

for people who

vigorously exercise. These

popular medicines, known

as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

drugs, or NSAIDs,

work by suppressing inflammation.

But according

to two new studies, in the

process they potentially

may also overtax the kidneys

during prolonged exercise

and reduce muscles’

ability to recover afterwar

15)dark web and bitcoins are being used for drug peddling

16)Asmara (capital of Eritrea) and Hoh xil nature preserve(china) have been declared as World heritage sites by unesco recently.



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