Reasons behind the economic inequality in India and how to rectify it?

The recent report by Oxfam has revealed something extremely disturbing. The richest 8 people (not percent, mind you!) in the world is having the same amount of wealth as the 50 percent of the poorest. Well, that’s a lot of money.

The same is true in India too, of course.Ours is a country full of inequality.From gender gap to cast, you name it.

There was a recent report in Hindu about the economic inequality between the Indian states.Well, whatever holds good for the individual, holds good for the state too.What could be the reasons?There have to be reasons, right?

The question of education

A big problem. Our education system has huge lacunas.Being a developing country that’s understandable but that is not a reason to give bad education.

The first and foremost thing the government must do is to take control of education completely and abolish all private players.Don’t go “that’s Cuba” on me”. Education is not something to be sold for a price, it has to be provided for everyone.The person has to select what kind of things he has to do after surfing through all his options.

As far as I am concerned, the options for creating separate minority or majority caste institutions must be can’t be mixed up with caste or any faith.Meditation, Pranayama, and Yoga should be taught as part of the curriculum(that’s not because I am a Hindu.You may call Yoga with whatever fancy name that you want to call but doing it is more important).We need more humans, not fundamentalists.

A book on art and culture can be introduced to the child after he is 12 years of old and that should have all the bare minimum facts about the cast and other allied things.After all, we don’t need the academy to spread religious ideology.That can be done by temples, mosques, and churches which we have in abundance.

Avoid reservation on the basis of caste.

Any kind of reservation on the basis of the cast only makes the inequality worse(The North Eastern states are of course an exception).The connections between money and good education must be cut.If every kid is getting the same kind of education regardless of his families income and caste .we have solved a major problem.

The question of corruption

We all know how corrupt our country is and that is a huge negative that is reducing our growth.We have a parade of scandals involving big names from our bureaucracy and polity and that is something that we have to change for sure.The Lokpal law has been activated 3 years back but to no avail.The change should be from within.Until and unless we do our jobs with utmost sincerity we can’t expect others to do the same.

Progressive taxation

Very important.The tax should be such that the super wealthy should have to contribute a substantial amount to the public good.Amassing money becomes completely useless if the community he lives in becomes a hellhole and poverty can always do that. Completely avoiding the charging of direct taxes from the majority and opting for indirect taxation can visibly increase the cash-in-hand factor and that would also help in maintaining economic equality.

The question of governance

We all know how cumbersome starting a business can be.There are numerous Indians who is basing their business in foreign countries where it is far easier to start a business.If everything starts getting made in Indis then the outflow of our funds will come down and that will ultimately lead to more equality in an economy.

India is a country still run by the poor, ideologically and economically.Changing the above-said scenarios are not easy but changing them is the only way to make India a better economy with more equality in the distribution of wealth


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