A triumph of Art!


Movies  rarely move you.It is hard to find that glitter of brilliance that shines like  sunlight into a dark patch of forest and ‘The Revenant’ is full of intense light.

A visual medium is a great tool for art but very rarely it gets used to its full extent and here Inarritu has turned the screen into a canvas of his thoughts and the result is simply sublime.I was literally sitting in a state of extreme awareness throughout the film.I could see something that can’t be easily seen, a movie that is so visceral and beautiful that you will feel like you have been transported to another time and place completely.

The images that were on display were so exquisite that I felt like writing a poem for each of the frames.There was that much life in it.

A shrine has to be erected for the cinematographer Lubezki.I am going to take a hell amount of photos just because of you man.

Absolutely brilliant movie.If you love the medium called ‘cinema’ go for it.Watchable and rewatchable.If you are a photography lover don’t even think of missing this one.



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