The Elements Trilogy

A dying kingdom.
A simmering war.
A mortal man.
An immortal struggle.

Welcome to a world full of magic .If you like high fantasy, you would love this one!

“Prathyksham hi alpam

analpam aprathyaksham”

What we know is finite but what we don’t know is infinite.


map 3


The cosmos has 3 dimensions (Kshetra s)

1.Agradeepa-Contains Earth(Bhumi)

2.Brahmabhuti-Contains Pancha Durga( 5 countries that are interconnected with each other)

they are namely




d)Vahina Sakha

e)Giri karnika

3.Tathya-contains Praaleya(the land of the snow).

Our story starts in Bhumi(The Earth) and then ……..well why don’t you start reading…..

First part of the series is titled “The Lament”.
Have fun,folks!

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