The Lament-Chapter 1


“Sense eludes us sometime, we think that we are here in this rotating sphere, rotating around sun, rotating on its own axis, rotating, rotating and rotating, an endless cycle of death, birth, pain, pleasure, loneliness, lust.

What defines us, what underlies our existence? Are we destined to rotate forever or are we passing the same points again and again in time? Or are we just pitch drunk, delusional, diabolic?”

I stopped for a breath and looked at the volley of my spectators to understand the reaction to my speech.The stage has been named as the “impulse stage”.The idea came from Moss of course!

The stage was open for anyone who wanted to speak something and a retinue of college girls from the nearby college was exactly my cue to go onstage.

I smiled at the pretty one that I could find nearer to me and continued. “The name ‘Artism’ for the show was selected after lotsof discussions.Every art  needs a philosophy behind it and our philosophy is to endure through all the odds.

‘Artism’ is that anchor that we have to cast sometimes to steady us. It gives us a moment to turn back on ourselves and observe. By collecting and exhibiting artworks of differently abled individuals that we shelter  and those which has been sent to us by different NGOs from all over the country we are not mocking the fully abled, rather we are asking a query, are we doing enough?

Most of the works exhibited here are accompanied by their creators.We call them differently abled!We call them deficient!

Let me ask you a question ARE YOU SUFFICIENT?How many of you say that “by evening I get so tired”.You just look at my Radhika who does not have both legs and still she has done such wonderful embroidery with her nimble hands and she is still doing it!You look at Arnan who is an autistic child but he writes such wonderful poetry intstanantaneously that Its a shame that we call ourself learned and normal!

Take Artism as a reminder.A reminder of this wonderful thing called life and when you go back today do something so awe inspiring that you yourself have to feel “now that’s cool!!!”.

Enjoy every moment you spend here and please do have enormous fun!Thank you”

There was polite applause and I alighted from the podium.The show was already under and the announcement was actually not needed, but being one among the organisers I have a duty right? (Well a lighted podium and a bit of publicity too won’t hurt!)

The Mother Superior, affectionately  called as Moss , was standing at the base with a smile and I found myself grinning. There was something so soothing in her countenance that I always found myself relaxing when I was around her. Well,there is a reason she is called the mother superior!

Moss is about 5 feet tall and she has intense blue eyes.You might have imagined an overweight,beefy looking lady as the Mother superior but Moss was nothing of the sort.She was an athlete and she believed in intense physical work.She exercised maniacally and meditated emphatically.She was 45 and she was my best friend, my motivator, my beacon of hope, my absolution, my  Moss.

I am Aryan Philip by the way. Yeah, I know that name sounds strange but that’s what the mother superior gave me and I had no much choice in that matter. She found me abandoned in a car 28 years before (that’s what she says…. I was always of the opinion that I descended directly from heaven or rather from hell if you stop to consider!) And rather than tossing me into another junk heap she brought me here and I have been a pain in the ass constantly from then (we have to be consistent, right?).

The Elements is the name of the institution that Moss runs and it is attached to the Saint Xavier church of Idukki. Here we are sheltering orphaned(like me) and differently abled individuals. Believe me when I say that they are sometimes more abled than the so-called fully abled! The biggest ability of them is to love unconditionally; there is no crippling there, no adulteration and no bias, and in that sense the whole world is sometimes crippled!

“Hem,hem… all that talk for just boosting morale,huh?” She caught my ear affectionately and told in a whisper.

“Of course Moss.I am very much into charity, you know that right?”Moss tried to spank me on the head and I dodged the blow(believe me , you don’t want to get hit by her, she hits like a man!).

“Hey Aryan .Quit babooning and come.Sarah is asking for you.”

I nodded a bye to the hottie from the college and followed Moss.

Sarah is 9 years old and she is our official ‘blind’ clay modelist. She has taken me as her certified ‘model’ and makes sculptures on that! After me scrubbing a lot of clay off my face now she was left with  action figures that featured me in various glorious combat postures! Eating mud, not that bad, huh?!

I walked through the melee of the exhibition and reached the fine art section. Sarah was sitting in front of a bench full of clay and she was already on the work of her next project.  One thing has to be told, the clay me was far better than the real me. Most of the time he will be in battle with one or the other spectacular monsters(she says she dreams of them and I have no clue how or why) and the clay me looks more muscled!(a bit cross eyed sometimes but we can’t ask for everything right?).

“Hey Sarah kutty, chakkarakkutty,sundarikkutty”(Kutty=kid in Malayalam)

Her smile was more than worth the sum of all the happiness that can be granted to a person in the whole world in a whole life time. She had brown eyes and brown hair.She was dressed in a black frock and there were mudstains on her face.She joined us 9 years back(Moss got her from an accident site.The whole building collapsed leaving  only a child with nobody to make a claim!) and I was drawn to her like some invisible strings are attached to her or something!!! Whenever I was with her I felt like I am standing near a hearth and if I go far for long I would freeze and die!!!

“Aryetta( brother Aryan), how is my new work?”She asked me in her slightly husky voice.

“Awesome, awesome dear.Me and a lady?How cool is that?”

The sculpted woman was at least 30 centimetres in height .She was standing back to back beside a 30 centimetre clay me and we both had our swords out!

“Who is she?” I asked sitting beside her.

“I don’t know, I saw her in the dream yesterday and I just know that she is special! Her sound was melodious and soothing and she was a beauty.”

“Hmm,hmm, What were we doing in the dream?

“Fighting of course, there was thunder and rain and monsters and you were winning.”

“Haa, that’s me! Wins all the time! “

The sky rumbled and the wind picked up. There was no storm in the weather report but still a storm was brewing .I kissed her fore head and looked into the darkening horizon.

“Excuse me, are you Aryan Philip?”

It was a female voice and I turned to look and Sarah inhaled sharply hearing the voice at the same time.

“What is it dear? Are you getting a head ache?”

Sarah inhaled and told in an awestruck voice.“No Aryetta,but  that voice…that was the voice of the dream girl!”

I looked at her countenance and found out that the kid was actually convinced that this is her dream girl !!!

I kept my cynicism at bay .

“Is it? Let us deal with her then! Be a good girl and sit right here ok dear.”

Sarah nodded and I faced the stranger. She was a good looking person(in a ‘if you touch me I am gonna kick your ass’ kind of way).She was wearing blue jeans, a tee and a curious look on her face and it almost felt like she was measuring me or something!

“I am Aryan, can I help you?”

“Hi Aryan , you look shorter than I imagined! I am Hima by the way, you might be seeing me for the first time or Mother might have mentioned me before?  Well…..hmm the thing is. Hmm…… I want you to take Sarah and come with me and run as fast as you can!


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4 thoughts on “The Lament-Chapter 1
    1. Arjun

      thank you Tanya.Its for people like you that I am writing this and its so goood to know that you are liking it.the next chapter will be published soon.Cheers!!

  1. KJM

    Hi Arjun! Just got a chance to check this out, and I think it’s off to a pretty good start. I feel like I have a good start to the picture of who Aryan’s character is, and you left the chapter on an intriguing note that definitely makes the reader want to know what’s going to happen next. Your tone is very conversational, which works for the most part. There are parts where it does feel a little too informal for a novel. One thing I would suggest is to dial back your use of exclamation points and parentheses. Exclamation points lose their effect if they are used too much, and you definitely have a lot here. Also, using all capital letters for words and multiple exclamation points at the end of a sentence takes it to the level of being too conversational, as that’s not typically seen as professional. That’s just my two cents. I hope that’s helpful! I’ll try to check back and read some more when I can. 🙂

    1. Arjun

      First of all thank you for finding some time to comment your thoughts.It is an honour really.And your 2 cents are really worth millions.I have a thing for this exclamation marks and now that you have mentioned it I do notice the same in lots of other chapters too.I am going to go through them and make modifications.All the best for your work too.Cheers.


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