The Lament-Chapter 2


There are things we call science and there are things we call superstition. Where the scission occurs is sometimes unclear.

This day started like any other day until the storm hit. The unprecedented storm and the unprecedented woman were too much for the day or any other day.

“Hey hey, slow down lady, I didn’t understand. I don’t know even know you are and you are telling me to run with you?! What is this “The Out of the Blue Marathon?”

The woman named Hima looked at me like she didn’t like what she saw and told in a mocking voice“I thought you will be briefed.”

“Briefed?  What are you talking about, there might be a mistake.”

There is no mistake Aryan, I never knew how to break it to you before that’s all.” Mother Superior was standing behind me with a sad expression on her face.

“What Moss, why are you giving me that look and what the heck are you talking about?”

“How much time do we have?” Moss asked the woman named Hima ignoring me.

“Not much mother, we have to move now.”

“There were no signs.” Moss told in a dreamy voice.

“The Tunnel closed all of a sudden mother. I came as fast as I could. It’s begun faster than we have anticipated.”Hima told and looked at the crowd milling around the church searchingly.

“Hey hey, what signs? Are you 2 mad or something or is it a joke? If it is a joke I am gonna….”

“I wish it was a joke Aryan but it is not. Now come inside, we have some talking to do.” She pointed to the cathedral.

“Is there a problem Aryetta?” Sarah asked when I went near her and I grunted a no.What could I say when I myself couldn’t understand a thing!

I took Sarah’s hand and led her to the cathedral.The woman named Hima and Moss went in front of me.The horizon was getting more dark and violent by the minute and there was a cold draft which made my hairs stand on end.Why suddenly the weather was unnaturally cold?

The cathedral was an enormous one and the twilight made the cathedral look more majestic.I have always loved the darkness of the church.There were lots of nook and corners where I would lie and down and think whatever that I want to think.I still remember Moss’s words when she tried to cajole me back into sleep after a nightmare when I was a kid.

“Aryan,the night is nothing but light in disguise and horror is the brother of pleasure.There is no separate existence here.Everything comes with something that must not come.Construction is always followed by destruction. Don’t be afraid of the night my child,but be afraid of the darkness that we carry in ourselves!!”

I made peace with darkness and started enjoying its relative solitude but today I looked at the dark corners of the cathedral and I could find an uneasiness in the ether.A subtle ripple on the surface of the pond that distorts the image!

The enormous Christ was looking at us benevolently from the wall and Moss entered her chamber behind the altar and motioned me to join her.

I gave  Sarah a candy and kept her on a church bench.

“I will come in 5 minutes dear.” I told her.She nodded and smiled and I went into Moss’s chamber.

Moss closed the door after me. I could see the church yard with a lot of people through the room window and I felt a bit dizzy.Her favourite table lamp was on and in  that light she suddenly looked old!She looked at me and started speaking in an urgent voice.

“You and Sarah are here for a reason Aryan and the time of reckoning have come at last!

I have taught you what I could and in a way you have learned more than I could teach. You and Sarah are bonded in a way that is too true to be true, but it’s the truth and with the truth there are always consequences.”

“Don’t speak in riddles dear. I am confused here.”

“There is no riddles dear, there are only hurdles. Now the only thing that you have to understand right now is that both of you are in danger, very -grave -danger!

I wanted to explain it to you before, but I was afraid that they would find out.Every day, every second I was on edge and until now everything was relatively fine.Why didn’t I talk to you before, you ask!?Well , words have power and even the talk about the damned may sometimes raise them.”

“Talk about the damned! Holy Mary the mother of god! Are you hearing yourself? You are sounding absolutely loony here!

Moss sighed again and looked at Hima .She nodded and brought out a white knife from somewhere out of her jeans. She came near me and before I could grasp what she was doing she made a cut on my palm!

It was a small cut but it hurt like hell and it started bleeding. She cut her own hand and held my bleeding hand with her bleeding hand.

“What the heck? Don’t do that.Have you not heard of Hepatitis B woman?”

“Stop whimpering and look out the window you idiot.”

I looked and I almost wished I hadn’t. First I could only see the Artism banners and people milling around. I could see the tempest growing at the horizon and then I started hearing a peculiar voice (almost like cats wailing in the night) and along with the voice things started appearing here and there!

They looked insubstantial, pale and somehow solid at the same time. They were everywhere, they looked like people but there was something wrong with their faces and all of them were looking at me! Even though they were standing there, people were passing near them obliviously and some were actually passing through them!

“What the hell, God what is happening.”I was feeling vertigo and I sat on the bed to avoid keeling over.There were butterflies in my stomach that has nothing to do with the wonderful lunch that I had, this was fire.I was afraid!There were frigging invisible horrible things walking and talking around me!

“The Veeksha could be a bit unnerving at first,” Hima told quietly.She was standing near me like she is ready to support me if I fall over.Now, that made me stand up and I faced Moss again.

“The Sight , Aryan,” Moss explained to me looking at my bewildered expression. “She is talking about the sight.There is a whole world out there beyond our grasp and what you usually see is just a part of it.

Dimensions open and they close, we breath and we die!Her blood, A Mihika’s blood, has the residual energy to activate your energy flux and the result would be enhanced perception. She gave you a key Aryan! her blood, to open this dimension for you!”

It was always there but most of us are  blessedly ignorant and I would have given anything  gladly to stay that way, but here that’s not the case!” .Moss stopped for some time and took a deep breath.Was there fear in her eyes?

She came near me and took my hand and applied a band aid on the wound. (The Hima woman have already stopped bleeding! ).

“I knew you were special when I first got you, but I could never have imagined the whole story.Each day  I looked at you growing and there was such joy and such peace! Then I found Sarah and that was followed by Hima’s first visit. When she gave me the Sight, it was a shock for me too but some truths are like that. They are disturbing, ugly and unacceptable but it’s the truth and that’s it.”

I started to speak again but she cut me short.

“Listen Aryan, you and Sarah have things to do that might change the whole planet that we call Earth. You too are destined for great things, but destinies are never reached that easily.”

Moss came near me and touched my heart.
“There is a strong heart here Aryan, a good heart!  I have seen you move hills for the things you love and Sarah is someone that has to be protected with everything that you have got!She might be the only answer to most of our questions! Now join Hima and run as fast as you can”

“But why would I run? I don’t mind if a bunch of invisible scaries are roaming around as long as I can lead my normal life. I don’t need your bloody sight, take it back!”I said to Hima.The sky was grumbling and I was getting angry.

“The Veeksha is not reversible and the so called invisible scary people have come to capture you and Sarah and death is actually more preferable than that. So it’s your wish.” Hima shrugged and kept a hand on her hip and stood like she has done all this procedure atleast a thousand times!

“Aryan ,do you believe in me?” asked the only woman that I have ever believed more than anything else in the whole world.

“Of course Moss but I don’t know what to believe.”

“Then believe in this. Wherever you go, how far that might be and how strange that might be, we will meet again and that’s my promise.” She leaned and kissed my brow and walked out of the room. I followed her and saw her kissing Sarah. There were tears on her eyes and there was a smile too.

She nodded to me and I took Sarah’s hand. Hima was already out of the cathedral. I started walking and then looked back. Rain was starting to pour and it made the hall look more sombre. The dying light came through the picture windows and I could see the shadow of rain on her face. She exactly looked like Moss at that time, green, vulnerable and life giving.

One more time I looked at the place that I thought was my home and then I walked into the storm.


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