She had this scent
Like the mud in the first rain
She had this thing about her
The tautness of a string
Ready to spring
Ready to muddle
The rain made a puddle
I wanted to cuddle
I wanted to make her mourn
The drops were in love with her and they made her glow
I was caught in the afterflow
And I lost my flow
But this island was good
It had a tinge of ‘she’ in her
There was a bit of a rain too
And  what more I could ask for?

She had this scentLike the mud in the first rainShe had this thing about herThe tautness of a stringReady to springReady to muddleThe rain made a puddleI wanted to cuddleI wanted to make her mournThe drops were in love with her and they made her g...



Arjun here.From Kottakkal, Kerala,India. I am interested in anything that is interesting and writing comes among the top of that list. I read,I write,I live.

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