She was dark you see
It’s like she had a sea inside her
I could almost hear the rumbling….
I felt like devouring her
Piece by piece….
I could feel this violence inside
Like a hurling tempest inside a crumbling fortress
I could almost feel her sweat
She had this half smile you see…
Like she is very much ready to take me in
Fake nothing…
But she would tease
She would kill my ease
She would make an easel out of me
I would be pixelated
Why are you still dressed?
Address me
Throw your bloody cloths out
Throw your bloody inhibitions too
Nothing is prohibited here

Be my bit…

Be my bit


Arjun here.From Kottakkal, Kerala,India. I am interested in anything that is interesting and writing comes among the top of that list. I read,I write,I live.

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