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the carrot halwa.....yummm

the carrot halwa…..yummm

The moment my tongue touched the carrot halwa I felt this warm feeling all over.It was like listening to Hindustani music while lying in a bathtub and getting an oil massage from Scarlett Johansson  at the same time !

I felt like kissing my wife and proclaiming my undying love for her,felt like singing, felt this urge to smile and be nice to everyone,I FELT LIFE.

Good food is a way of feeding your Prana,it makes it flow smoothly and we might find new things that we never thought even existed.

the world famous Indore Poha

the world famous Indore Poha

Just had a sumptuous lunch in  my office as the part of the annual closing and felt this energy all over the workplace.I shared the halwa and the smile that I got out of my colleagues were priceless.To make is normal,but to share is beautiful and that too if it is food it becomes soul filling(not to mention tummy filling).Eat, drink and be merry folks.


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