Sights and sounds of the world-Part 1(Thayyur)


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The wind was like a kiss from her.I could feel the moisture, I could feel the coolness, I could feel the love.An old woman came with  some pooja objects and kept her stuff in front of the banyan tree.The golden rays of sun kissed her withered feet and she seemed like a goddess out of the myths.The wind came again and I closed my eyes and let it fill me, breath through me.


To die is to be born under your gaze again and again.

We walked through the wintry fields and gazed at the hill.She looked at us lovingly, patiently, intently.I could almost feel a pull towards her.Nature has this thing for love.If you show her the love it will give it back tenfold.It engulfs you, makes you into a fetus and will give you a sanctum.


It will feed you with her umbilical cord and we would be nourished, we would be well looked after.I felt like a fetus.I could feel her energy coursing through me.I could feel the call of the Coyle and the chirping of the Myna.I could feel the drone of Crickets and the slip of the snakes.I could feel life.I could feel its myriad forms filling me, shaping me, making me breathe and live.

The sun entered me and made a shadow of me and shadow smiled at me.Flowers should be the smile of the sun and they smiled at me.How beautifully they smile and how heartlessly we pluck them!


We walked and entered the scorched fields and touched the bare earth and heard its lament. Heard its cry ,its anguish. I could almost feel the dried tears below my hand. God, what have we done?

To explore nature is to explore yourself. Each crevice, each corner, and each shade are a just an extrapolation of our inner courtyard. The wind is our breath and the Sun is our energy. The mud is our blood and the plants our organs. We are a continuum, we have been a continuum, we will be a continuum.


Bike rides are very personal. When you ride them you are actually flying with the wind.The dust, the sun , the heat and the asphalt is nearer and the feel is dearer.It was a short ride to the Narimada.Nari  meant beast and Nada meant abode.Well, we were going to visit a beast’s abode literally.It was an old rock formation that was still standing the test of time.It is said that in earlier times Lions used to reside there and gaze over the plateau.It was near Kunnamkulam and the ride was short and sunny.

The hill was accessible with the bike and for some time we off-roaded it.

The wind welcomed us and we took a deep breath in.The view was breathtaking and we were bedazzled.The sound of the wind was exhilarating.The heat embraced us and I found myself grinning idiotically. We searched for some time to find out the cave and we did find it last.It was facing a vista and the view was incredible.I could see the road far away and the vehicles looked so tiny.Maybe the Lion who resided in the cave might have thought the world as tiny.Well, I don’t know.Humans have this infuriating quality of comparing themselves with others.We are the reference point always.We are the heart of the ocean, we are the center of gravity, we are the movers of this great engine. How true and untrue at the same time.

12507570_10208462602540905_3727501333099438584_nfrom Narimada.Pic by Vysakh R Warrier

We sat in the cave and let the air embrace us.There was a scent of history here.The somnolence of time. The tears of the time lost.The smiles of the time found and the whispers of the time feared.


The rocks looked at us and smiled and we smiled back.We looked at the view again and began our climb back. We had more to do today.

We visited my wife’s uncle’s and had a sumptuous lunch there and after a siesta, it was time for the trek. Well, it was not exactly a trek, was just a climb.This small hilly beauty near my love’s house has been teasing me from the first day I set my eyes on her and it was almost 1 and half year and she still she was untamed. I wanted to climb her.I wanted to sprawl through her delicious wilderness. I wanted to feel her scent. I wanted to be in her.


This was the day.We kept our bikes in the foot of the hill and by evening 5 we began the climb.The place is called Thayyur and this hill is called The Thayyur Kunnu(kunnu means hill).It was under the protection of the forest department.

We started slowly but surely.We had water and’ Ada’ prepared by my mother in law.My brother who is ‘140 kilos lean’ found it a bit hard to travel, but as he was a ‘man of steel will’ he endured the path.The wilderness engulfed us and we reveled in it.

It is for this that we all live. This amazing oneness and bliss that we feel while we wander in nature.We don’t need lofty ideals and glittering ideas to live, what we need is the capacity to revel in the moment. To take this pure air in and breath without regret.

kkthe view

My wife was ahead of me and she looked like an extension of the woods.The bushes were touching her like they couldn’t let go of her and she smiled a contented smile.


The summit came without much ado and out of breath, we looked at the ravishing expanse that was in front of us.Kerala really is God’s own country.The sound of the wind and the smell of the earth was strong and I felt reborn!

We sat and bit into the Ada that was given to us and it was bliss. Good food, friends, love and a bit of nature. Well, this is heaven right here right now.We found another group of trekkers and we sat looking at the sunset on the rocks.The sheer drop looked so inviting and I felt envious of the birds.I could see a church and I could see the mist rising near it.The sun touched all of us and gave us a smile.


We climbed down before the darkness descended and I kissed the earth before I started the descent. The tranquil earth seemed to be hugging me and I could feel peace filling me.A half moon peeped at us and we peeped back at him.The sweat clung to me like memories and I smelled a bit of on earth on me.Haa, what a scent!

If you have not packed your backpack start seriously thinking about it and start to explore.We never know what might we find or what might find us!



Arjun here.From Kottakkal, Kerala,India. I am interested in anything that is interesting and writing comes among the top of that list. I read,I write,I live.

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