Rain pattered incessantly on the roof and gave me a rhythm.

I understood something, a very disturbing, unassailable and disarming something. I understood that I was in love with her and there is nothing much I could do about it.

I knew It will be my downfall, I knew that the pain that was waiting for me would be unbearable, I knew that the regret that I am going to feel later will be un describable, I knew that the life I may live after will be un inhabitable ……well that’s the point!

I wanted her to be the rock on which my waves would hit and end!

I wanted her to be the rain which would just wash me away!

I wanted her to be my biggest pain so that I won’t have time to think of any other pain!

I wanted her to be my culmination!

I wanted her……..

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Arjun here.From Kottakkal, Kerala,India. I am interested in anything that is interesting and writing comes among the top of that list. I read,I write,I live.

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